lovecat32 ([personal profile] lovecat32) wrote2012-01-30 10:13 pm

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I've come to this website because I hate the internet and am so over blogging sites like you wouldn't believe and maybe all I'm after is some peace, quiet and fanfic but I think I'm tumblr-conditioned to be perpetually sarcastic and ironic so I maybe don't belong here but I do actually create stuff sometimes I mean that's what I do as my life and maybe this is me realising I'm so too old for blogs and stuff like that I mean I'm 18 years old and that's ancient I mean nearly 20 when I might as well be 30 and might as well be 50 and might as well be dead. I'm also only 18 and I already know everything I mean what does this have to offer me that anything else doesn't??
I'm also pissed because I've definitely missed the GQ writing contest that I bet no one would have entered and I could have won a car I can't drive.